Personal Project, Photography, The 100 Days Challenge

025/100 Days Project: Self Portrait Photography

Last night, I downloaded Rich Armstrong’s (TapTapKaBoom) “Your 100 Days Project Tracker”. and it has a very interesting format. Rich writes: You can track your 100 Day Project here and get things to consider and think about every few days and write short journal entries—thoughts, ideas, feelings, questions, answers. If

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How To Review Photographs – 30+ Questions To Reflect On

Even though it’s easier than ever today to operate a camera and produce a picture, it’s no easier to recognize the most compelling images among your outtakes and make collective sense of them. In fact, the extensive output digital technology enables can make it even more difficult: while the haystack of digital files can grow to immense proportions, the number of needles (i.e. meaningful pictures) necessary to evoke a theme or narrative remains quite small.

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