Hi, I am Sanchari, a 21-year-old, trying to embrace a full-blown creative life. Forever passionate about paints and stationery objects, I, one day, got hold of a camera. As my passion for photography grew with time, so did my curiosity. Stumbling across several books, blogs, and podcasts on photography and creativity, I was motivated to curate every bit of information I had access to and store them in a single place.

This blog serves me the purpose to maintain a journal that I can constantly update as I learn new things every day. At the same time, I hope that this body of information proves helpful to another curious soul on its journey to creative expression. Because as Julia Cameron says, “Creativity is its own reward.” 



Sanchari has helped Success Scholar whenever there were any requirements regarding photography from classrooms to big shot events. She has supported well and the photos clicked are just excellent with the correct tune to colors and details. The entire team appreciates her commitment and hard work in this field and wishes an excellent future in the field of photography.
As a senior to Sanchari in college, I had the wonderful opportunity to work and mentor her. Seen her amazing transformation as a photographer throughout college and have to say she has an eye for the most unique frames. She is immensely talented and her paintings and blogs more than speak up for the artist she is. But, the quality I most admire in her is that she is a gem of a person.
Sanchari is one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is an accomplished photographer, a talented illustrator, and has a great depth of understanding of colors and compositions. She is truly an amazing resource because she gives her group members valuable insights into her thinking and methodology. She can follow creative direction while adding her creative input in a diplomatic and useful way. I would recommend her to anyone anywhere in the world.