19 Photographs I Saw And Loved On Instagram In February 2022

1. Photographs by Manish Rajput : I found this series of portraits on Instagram and found it somewhat poetic. This is an interesting mix of commercial photography compiled with the artistic side of the craft.

© Jorge Delgado-Ureña

2. Photograph by Jorge Delgado-Ureña : A beautiful application of the slow shutter lens blur technique of photography.

© Ronnie Frey

3. Photograph by Ronnie Frey : The colors are really muted but the color palette forms a beautiful contrast in each layer of the frame.

© Max Slobodda

4. Photograph by Max Slobodda : There is a lot of drama, chaos, and tension in this photograph with a range of very vibrant colors. Even though I am mostly drawn to minimalistic images that lend a very soothing feeling, I really found this photograph interesting because of the pairing of the pink with the blue and yellow in the background.

© Reuben Wu

5. Photograph by Reuben Wu: Reuben Wu is a National Geographic photographer. But this is unlike most National Geographic photographs I have seen. Its minimalistic, it uses abstraction through natural forms, and uses a really unique color palette.

© Vipin Singh

6. Photograph by Vipin Singh: This photograph uses colors with very low luminance and moderate saturation. I loved this one because of the use of “frame within frame” technique of composition as well as the minimalism.

© Jax Harney

7. Photograph by Jax Harney: This is indeed a minimalistic photograph with beautiful use of natural light to create interesting shadows, as well as the use of human figure – everything I am drawn to these days, and even try to use in my own photography.

© Vanessagrp_

8. Photograph by Vanessagrp_: I found this photograph out the very morning Ukraine was attacked by Russia. I liked the casual intimacy between the subjects in this self-portrait photograph and the interesting effect of a double exposure in this single exposure photograph.

© Debrani Das

9. Photograph by Debrani Das: I was really impressed by the use of wide-angle combined with minimalism in this street photograph. The clouds create drama in the upper half of the photograph while the striking contrast in the tones of black and white in the human figure creates drama in the lower half of the photograph.

© Mainak Bose

10. Photograph by Mainak Bose: I was intrigued by the experimental nature of this photograph.

© Arun Kumar Marimuthu

11. Photograph by Arun Kumar Marimuthu: I was drawn to the simplicity of the composition, as well as its fluidity owing to how the clothes wrap around the girl’s bodies due to the wind blowing coupled with the turmoil shapes of the ocean waves. The fact that the girls are wearing the flowers in their heads also gives a peek into their cultural traditions.

© Jonathan Higbee

12. Photograph by Jonathan Higbee: This is a very clever use of juxtaposition – a very non-stereotypical kind of a street photograph.

© Ulysses Aoki

13. Photograph by Ulysses Aoki: The most interesting part of this photograph, according to me, was the use of geometry and solid blocks of primary colors.

© Ankit Banerjee

14. Photograph by Ankit Banerjee: This photograph is taken inside a bathroom, probably under a shower. But, for some reason, my eyes feel like it’s taken completely underwater. I loved the delicate portrayal of the human form.

© Pierre Portolano

15. Photograph by Pierre Portolano: I was drawn by this photograph because of the experimental nature as well the composition and color usage. Is the result because of an expired film?

© Starvos Stamatiou

16. Photograph by Starvos Stamatiou: I am awed by this photograph. This is probably taken through a glass pane where the golden light is reflected, or probably there is a yellow light source on the other side of this water body. I am not sure what it is, that is what makes this photograph more interesting to me.

© Taras Bychko

17. Photograph by Taras Bychko: To me, this looked like controlled chaos. In this street photograph, there is tension but it is coupled with minimalism to a certain degree – there is only one subject in the frame. Taras has also used the shade of red very interestingly with the cool tones in the background.

© Svetlana_tarasova_art

18. Photograph by Svetlana_tarasova_art: I liked the “dream-like” quality of this photograph. The color palette, the use of light from the right side of the model as well as the lens blur, and the use of grains give it a feel like it’s out of someone’s dream.

© Julian Schulze

19. Photograph by Julian Schulze: Again, I was impressed by the minimalism of this type of experimental photography. The bold colors and muted tones coupled with the abstraction of shapes and structures really stood out for me.

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