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Beginning “WALKING IN THIS WORLD” by Julia Cameron | Artist’s Way Series

I’m probably the N-th person on the internet writing about Julia Cameron and her book The Artist’s Way. But this book actually changed my life. I just googled, and there are so many articles with the title “The Artist’s Way changed my life.” But I’m not saying it because it’s mainstream now. When I first picked up the book in January 2020, little did I know what was in store. My live, along with everyone else’s went for a toss. And the practices of writing the morning pages, and doing the artist dates in the confinement of my room was more than grounding. I created a huge amount of work, made a lot of illustrations, got this blog started, developed a certain style to my photography, did several collaborations. Till I didn’t do any of these anymore.

Since I wrote The Artist’s Way, I have heard many stories of the miraculous. Sometimes in a restaurant or on a crowded street someone will stop me and say the sentence, “Your book changed my life.” I am glad to have been a conduit, but that is what it is that I have been. I simply wrote down the precepts of divine intervention in our lives the moment we engage our creativity and, through that, engage our Great Creator. What I taught, essentially, is that we are all connected and that as we notice that and surrender to that, we join a long and safe lineage: The Great Creator loves artists and is waiting as a lover waits to respond to our love when we offer it.

Julia Cameron, Walking in This World
© Sanchari Sen

To be very honest, writing three pages every morning is a tedious job. None of us have a lazy life, not atleast me. But, if I have to be actually honest with myself, I waste more time now than when when I used to write 45mins of morning pages every morning in 2020. I am very much creatively stuck, and even though I have been trying to intellectualise what is happening to me and what actions I must take, I simply don’t have the motivation to take even the first step. And then the second step, that’s how it is done, that’s what they say. I know. I simply can’t take the first step. I can’t put on my shoes and go out for a walk, because I know if I go for a walk, I’ll automatically start taking photos. There are some of the photos when I went out last week to meet a friend, I automatically started taking photos.

© Sanchari Sen

However, I have decided to again get started with the third book in the Artist’s Way Series : WALKING IN THE WORLD. Fingers crossed, something good will come out of this practice this year.

Julia Cameron describes this book (Walking in This World) as:

Walking in This World is intended as a gentle pilgrimage. We will move issue to issue, walking and talking about the deeper concerns of our souls. I say “souls” because creativity is a spiritual rather than an intellectual endeavor. Creativity is a daily spiritual practice and, like all spiritual paths, it is both mysterious and trackable.

Walking in This World is intended to demystify the obstacles commonly found on the creative path. It addresses issues common not only to creative beginners but to those much further down the creative road. If The Artist’s Way can safely be said to have launched many travelers on the creative seas, this book is intended to bring to those travelers needed supplies in the form of clarity and encouragement. The creative life is rewarding but difficult. Much of that difficulty is eased by a sense of shared faith and companionship.

Walking in this world a footfall at a time, we walk accompanied by angels, by and large unseen but not unfelt. As we open ourselves to divine guidance—in the form of our own listening creativity—we are brought to the divine in this world and in our all-too-worldly hearts.

Julia Cameron
© Sanchari Sen