Personal Project, Photography, The 100 Days Challenge

016/100 Days Project: Self Portrait Photography

The winter is finally over. I kept the window of my balcony open in the evening yesterday for the first time after the winter.

I am not a fan of winter. Everything is gloomy, and everyone is isolated, staying inside (atleast how I see it). As I kept the door to my balcony open, I could hear the voices of other people from the neighbouring apartments. Somehow, being alone around strangers minding their own businesses makes me feel less lonely. I even went out for a walk in the cool air after it rained briefly in the afternoon.

I went to my apartment’s rooftop after almost 4 months. I hated the winter, so I just stayed under the blanket as much as possible. I spotted this worn out wall on the roof of my apartment and decided to make this photograph.

© Sanchari Sen