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012/100 Days Project: Self Portrait Photography

So it happened today: the first negative (or rather, insensitive) feedback came my way regarding this. I was sitting with my therapist as I was starting this 100 Days Self Portrait Photography Project to face my negative self talk and body image issues.

My therapist asked me, “What would happen if someone says something nasty about you(r body) or your photographs?” I had no answer that day, I wasn’t even aware of what exactly I was scared of, but I knew I was scared.

Almost 1.5 years back, I wrote a blog post titled: How To Deal With Criticism While Doing Creative Work? In that post I wrote:

Remember: “A bad piece of art is still art” and making bad work is a necessary step in the process of being an artist. ( If possible, write it down on a poster, decorate it with colors and hang it somewhere you can always see it. )

Look at the criticism again. Does it remind you of any criticism from your past – particularly a shaming childhood criticism? Acknowledge to yourself that the current criticism is triggering grief over a long-standing wound.

All these advices are from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way.

And no, the feedback I recieved today wasn’t constructive. It wasn’t an advice as to how to create better. It was a plain insensitive comment about my photograph (and also perhaps my body). And yes, it did remind me of all the body-shaming I faced while growing up. It did trigger grief over a long standing wound. And I did confront the person who said that nasty thing. It was scary but I did it. I can now move forward with the rest of the project.

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