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006/100 Days Project: Self Portrait Photography

I have recently started doing this book by Julia Cameron : Walking in This World and my courage to get started with this project is a direct outcome of that (I believe).

In her book, Walking in This World, Julia Cameron writes:

It’s part of our cultural tradition to believe and act as if artists are crazy. Is it any wonder we sometimes feel that way ourselves? At our craziest-looking, we are sometimes our most sane. Michelangelo looked pretty strange, flat on his back, near the ceiling. With sweat, plaster, and paint stinging his eyes, not even he may always have enjoyed the comfortable certitude that he was painting a masterpiece. Strapped to a plank, with an arm tired from painting at a contortionist’s angle, he, too, may have wondered, What am I doing?

What the hell are we doing? Who the hell are we, really? That is what we are trying to find out, and asking people is one way to do it. Often, older or more experienced artists can say, “Of course you’re an actor!” or “Of course you are a writer.” They can smell out our identity because it resonates with their own. They’ve seen baby elephants in the pupa stage before. We may not know what we are, but they do.

Well this was the exact question I have been asking myself since the beginning of this 100 Days Project. “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?” I thought I had finally found a personal style for my photography, a certain type of subjects, a certain color palette and a certain type of lighting condition that I can keep recreating and keep refining and call it my own “Personal Style” in photography.

And then I suddenly started photographing myself in black and white. I love colors, anyone who has seen my work evolve can testify my love for bright vibrant saturated colors. This was what it was looking like:

© Sanchari Sen
© Sanchari Sen

And then I started taking photos like these:

© Sanchari Sen

The whole style I was developing went for a toss didn’t it? I was worried that I will never find an artistic voice of my own through my photography. I was worried that the people who already appreciate my work will lose interest (in me and my work). I was worried I will be perceived as a flake. Maybe all these things will happen but I think I will go on with this project.

© Sanchari Sen