Personal Project, Photography, The 100 Days Challenge

003/100 Days Project : Self Portrait Photography

This 100 Day Project is scary for me. Especially because I am exploring a subject I’m not comfortable exploring : my body image issues.

It feels scary and weird to post photos with my own body parts as the subject matter. But so far, the photographs are very well recieved. I came to say to myself today “afterall my hands may not be actually THAT weird looking”.

I’m flooded with negative comments inside my head : “Why do you think people will bother – thousands of other people have explored this topic before you…”, “Are you actually trying to be a MODEL with those body features…”, “Now everyone will get to know you hate your body and they’ll criticise you even more”, and many more blurts.

I’m also worried that I’ll run out of ideas for frames for this project. But one day at a time right?

© Sanchari Sen