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001/100 Days Project : Self Portrait Photography

The Official 100 Days Project by Elle Luna starts today, 13 Feb 2022.

Even though artists are divided in their opinion about the utility of projects like these, I have greatly benefited from similar projects. My skills have always always improved in the process.

I am yet to complete a total 100 days or a 365 days project, my longest record was 74 days in 2020. I have immense respect for people who are able to push through when the creative well dries up. I am awed by those people. Hopefully, I will be able to complete it this year.

Well, for my project, I am hoping to take photos of my own self as a potential remedy to the years of negative body image issues. And I’ll only us my mobile phone for this.

© Sanchari Sen

Just like any other woman out there, I have been body shamed and struggled with a negative body image for the whole of my life. In this 100 days project I hope to take photographs of my own body in an attempt to celebrate it, to tell myself that something that can create “art” can’t possibly be called “ugly”.

This is the link to the Facebook Album containing all my 100 Days photographs from 2022.

This is the link to my 100 Day Self Portrait Photography Project on SkillShare under Rich Armstrong’s class : The Perfect 100 Day Project: Your Guide to Explosive Creative Growth.

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