15 Photos I Saw And Loved On Instagram in January 2022

I scroll through Instagram A LOT. To the point that I get creatively stuck due to my brain constantly comparing my photos with what’s out there. But on other days, the photos I see on this platform gives me a sense of possibility, what other ways there are to make a photograph. How else to explore this medium!

I believe these somehow get imprinted in my subconscious and they come into existence again as I frame my own shots. So, I don’t actually feel a real need to quit Instagram as well. But, I have been thinking lately that mindlessly scrolling through some great photographs isn’t really the best I can get from this platform.

I made a highlight on my profile named “INSPIRATION” where I used to save all the photos by other photographers that actually inspired me. So, this series of blog articles have the same goal: to be able to revisit what moves me, and connect some dots from there.

1. Photograph taken by Marie Romanova : I absolutely adored the color palette as well as the abstraction created by the shapes and the human body.

2. Photograph by Sonia Goydenko : I was drawn by the beautiful balance between the warm and the cool hues.

3. Photograph by Sonia Goydenko : In this photograph, I was intrigued by the use of shadows. The frame isn’t too technical, which lends a more personal feeling.

4. Photograph by Amanda Carter Savigear : This minimalistic frame is roughly divided into two halves (the ground and the sky). The use of five duck heads (odd number in composition) makes the frame more interesting.

5. Photograph by Jack Rowan : I was fascinated by how cleverly Jack has focused on the midground elements, placing the foreground element in the middle of the frame yet keeping it out of focus.

6. Photograph by Adali Schell : The use of flash inside the house, the bottles in the foreground, the color palette of the whole photograph, the story of the COVID-19 pandemic conveyed in this frame.

7. Photograph by Harry Gruyaert : This is a photograph of Victoria Memorial, a monument from my hometown Kolkata. I have seen hundreds of pictures of this place. I have taken several dozen photos of this place. But I have never seen such a beautiful photograph of Victoria Memorial. The simplicity of this frame makes it so much more profound.

8. Photograph by Harry Gruyaert : Extraordinary use of light and layers in the frame.

9. Photograph by Amanda Webster : I was drawn to this photograph because of the suspense, the use of light, the sense of urgency in the frame and the proximity to the subject.

10. Photograph by Andrea Modica : Another photograph which isn’t hyper-focused on the technicality of the composition, instead brings out the feeling more effectively.

11. Photograph by Vivek Raj Singh : I liked this photograph because of its minimalistic nature and the color palette.

12. Photograph by Yash Sheth : This is one of the photos from Yash’s ongoing project on weddings. Beautiful use of juxtaposition.

13. Photograph by Anustup Roy : Again drawn by the minimalistic approach in this frame.

14. Photograph by Neel Chatterjee : This photograph has a beautiful color palette and a nice abstraction.

15. Photograph by Aleksandr Dryzlov : A very soothing color palette as well as a very beautiful representation of the winter season.