Using Wall-Art And Advertisements As Elements In Street Photography | Shivang Shekhar Singh

Shivang Shekhar Singh is a visual storyteller based in Varanasi, India. This week, Shivang put up a guide on Instagram sharing his insights on the use of wall art and advertisements as elements in street photography. He writes:

Street photography is one of the widest genres in photography and a lot of things can be used as an element in pictures to tell a story !!

This guide is about telling you all that how you can include a wall‑art or an advertisement or a slogan written on a wall or even the name of shops & businesses around, as background or secondary element to create a story with your primary subject.

These are such pictures that I have clicked in the last few years. I hope it will be helpful for you all.

Shivang’s Street Photography Using Wall-Art And Advertisements: