Using Animals As An Element In Street Photography | Shivang Shekhar Singh

In an interview with VARANASIGURU, Shivang introduced himself like this:

“Based in Varanasi, I, Shivang Shekhar Singh, a professional photographer, a constant learner, and also an alumnus of Banaras Hindu University from where I did my Masters in Travel and Tourism Management. While walking through the exhaustive career pathways, I realized my connection with the camera.

Things which I love is to explore new places, and that’s what my trip of life is all about. Since I started taking photographs, I have become more observant and have started paying a lot more attention to the world around me. In my photographs, I try to capture the unadulterated and quintessences of daily life.

If asked, I will describe my photography as honest, sincere & intimate.”

Regarding this series on dogs in street photography, Shivang said:

“I have always been an animal lover and from the very first day I picked up my camera, animals have been a constant subject in my frames. Talking about the favorite frame, I feel the pictures clicked at Manikarnika with dogs in the frame are above all for me. The reason is the mythological connection dogs have with Lord Bhairav (he is a fierce manifestation of Shiva associated with annihilation)”

Among all his other guides on Instagram, this week, Shivang made a guide on his use of animals as visual elements in street photography. Here are some of the images: