The “Two‑Subject” Concept Of Storytelling In Street Photography | Shivang Shekhar Singh

In an interview with VARANASIGURU, Shivang introduced himself like this:

“Based in Varanasi, I, Shivang Shekhar Singh, a professional photographer, a constant learner, and also an alumnus of Banaras Hindu University from where I did my Masters in Travel and Tourism Management. While walking through the exhaustive career pathways, I realized my connection with the camera.

Things which I love is to explore new places, and that’s what my trip of life is all about. Since I started taking photographs, I have become more observant and have started paying a lot more attention to the world around me. In my photographs, I try to capture the unadulterated and quintessences of daily life.

If asked, I will describe my photography as honest, sincere & intimate.”

Shivang has made several guides on street photography on his Instagram profile. The previous ones are:

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In this guide, Shivang aims at the use of juxtaposition and visual contrast to make interesting photographs on the street, As he writes:

“This Guide is about how to build/create/form a story between unrelated(mostly) subjects by bringing them in a frame.

We all in our elementary days have clicked pictures of people walking in the streets & lanes. Such pictures tell more about the environment around but lack in stories.

But what’s the next level?
I believe intentionally including multiple subjects in the frame and interrelating them with real stories or your own “cooked” ones, might take your observation skills to next level.
The stories between the subjects might be about similarities or differences or anything which you can think of!

I am attaching some frames which I have clicked over time with the same concept.

I hope it will be helpful for you all.”

Photographs From Shivang’s Guide On Street Photography:

The world has never been a fair place, those who should work are relaxing & the ones who should be relaxing have to work to survive.
Different addictions.
Gratitude is important… Be it to nature or fellow human !!

See the rest of the photographs in this guide.