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9 Tips For Content Creation | Chris Do

Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO, and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur—an online education platform with the mission of teaching 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love.

Chris runs a motion design/brand consultancy for over 23 years. He currently serves as the chairman of the board for the SPJA, and as an advisor to Saleshood. He has also served as: advisory board member for AIGA/LA, Emmys Motion & Title Design Peer Group, Otis Board of Governors, Santa Monica College, and Woodbury University.

Chris Do has given talks and conducted workshops on: Sales, Negotiations, Value Based Pricing, Mindset, Branding, Graphic & Motion Design, Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Client Relations.

In this YouTube video, Chris has outlined 9 things everyone needs to know who is creating any form of content online:

1. Put In The Work – Show Up Every Day To Create Content.

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“You have got to put in the work, to show up every single day and do the best that you can, with what you have, in the time that you have, and to be patient. This is a long grinding process. And, I like to think of it as an infinite game of continuous self-improvement. The only metric that you should measure yourself by is whether or not you are having fun, and if you’re learning something. As long as you are having those things, stay out of the numbers for some time.”

Chris Do

2. The Longer You Play The Game, The Better You Get.

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“This idea of persisting and resisting is a phrase I picked up from Ryan Holiday’s book THE OBSTACLE IS THE WAY. Persist simply means do not give up. And resist the distractions. Distractions come in many sneaky forms – it comes in the form of negative feedback, low views or likes, or even low monetization numbers.

Chris Do

3. Ignore Those Who Don’t Want Your Success.

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“Realize that no opinion can hurt you without your permission. And it is really strange to me, and it happens all so often that people say, “Chris what do you think of this?” and if I say something nice, they go like, “Oh, that really gave me the boost that I needed today.” But, then I think to myself, “Well, who the heck am I and why would you give a stranger the power to change your state?” This is not a good idea, this is not a good, healthy way to live your life. I am happy to tell you that your work is good, I am also happy to tell you that your work needs some additional work, or maybe that you need to switch careers or that this is not right for you. But why do you invest in that? I want you to think about that.”

Chris Do

4. Try New Things, Make Mistakes, Fail Often.

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“It’s easy to say to try new things and we all think we should try new things, that’s where innovation comes from – except for when we have to do it ourselves. We are afraid of doing new things, things that make us uncomfortable – because the risk of failure is actually really high. So we have been trained, mostly through our education system, through our parenting, through our culture and society, to do what we can to avoid failure, and that’s the natural human instinct – to seek pleasure and avoid pain. But what we do is we fail to fail. We need to fail more, and failure – if you want to reframe it in your mind – is really an opportunity in disguise. Everything that’s good in my life is because I have been able to overcome that failure and I have learned an important lesson – failure is the tuition you pay for success.”

Chris Do

5. Done Is Better Than Perfect.

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“I know it sounds like “Yeah, duh!” but here’s the thing – we live in a society, in a culture, especially in the creative community, where we are always chasing perfection – it was kind of ingrained inside of us when we were going to design school. What happens is, all this stuff prevents us from doing our work – the “Practice” if you will from Seth Godin. I found that this process of making small iterative steps is more likely to lead to real breakthroughs in your work. Perfectionism is the enemy of execution and is a form of procrastination – and it creates too much pressure on you to do the work that you need to do. It prevents you from showing up and doing the work every single day

Chris Do

6. Be Generous, Help Others.

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This is the secret to success and this is what I have learned and I have talked about that. One, it feels really good to do – nothing feels better than to help somebody and for them to say back to you “You helped me out on a dark day” or “This is exactly what I needed 10 minutes before the client call” or “Hey, I got the job.”

Chris Do

7. You Are A Poor Judge Of Your Own Talents.

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“We are really poor judges of our values and our own talent. It’s only through creating, expressing, or releasing our ideas into the wild can we know what we know. I know that is weird and there is this cliché that teachers and speakers believe – we want to do is to make a difference in one person’s life – and it’s totally true. If you work towards that and you start to understand that if you create enough content, somebody out in the universe is going to connect to this piece of content – whatever it is that you have to say – and tell you some incredible story and it’s going to reaffirm your belief in yourself and it’s going to allow you to see yourself from a whole different lens.”

Chris Do

8. Plans Are Overrated.

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“Mike Tyson famously said that – “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” The problem with plans is they blind you to unforeseen opportunities. My advice to you, when it comes to content creation is to move in a direction and adjust as you go. There is a real reason why you want to do this – I see that people get stuck in the planning-preparing stage their entire life, and then they never get to the actual making of things – it’s paralysis by analysis. They are just sitting here thinking about the perfect plan because they don’t want to fail, they don’t want to waste any money, they dont want to make any mistakes and so they just plan – they are just lifelong planners. And if your business is planning, well congratulations, you found the right job for you. But for the rest of us, who are trying to make something, to create and express our form of art to the world, you gotta just make.”

Chris Do

9. What Makes You Weird, Makes You Wonderful.

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“In his book, FECK PERFUCTION, James Victoria, the celebrated designer wrote: “What made you weird as a kid, makes you great today.” Being different is a competitive advantage – you need to lean into it. What we realize is that if you read enough, if you trace back if you do the Austin Kleon thing (maps of scenius) which is you trace back the source of an idea – the genealogy of an idea, you realize there are so many people who are basically repeating one source for many many years ago – there is no shortage of information in the world, yet every single day pops up a new author, a new influencer that then builds an audience around what they are doing and saying. How are they able to do that if you believe that there is nothing new under the sun? Well, the idea is that people tune in for you – your personality, your very unique voice.

Chris Do