30 Days Into The Project 365 Photography.

The year 2020 was very different from what I had pictured. Trapped in my room, I spent a very long amount of time away from my camera ‑ almost 8 months.

While I saw everyone exploring the premises of their homes to get creative and take photos, I didn’t. Instead, I learned new skills, started a new blog, cleared one and a half semesters in college, did an awful amount of painting and cooking.

Much to my surprise, all this time spent away from my camera proved to be a blessing in disguise. All the webinars that I had attended, books that I had read, and all the photographs that I had seen earlier marinated pretty well in my head, and when I again started taking photos in November 2020 I noticed the striking improvement. I’m still far away from being a “good photographer” but I’m quite surprised by the progress that I have made all of a sudden, just by taking a break.

However, as 2021 started I planned to start working deliberately to improve my art. Hence project 365 ‑ the ideal challenge or project to cultivate a discipline.

What am I trying to achieve by doing this project? Well, I a not sure. Improve my skills, yes. Cultivate a daily practice, yes. Rest will see where this project takes me.

See the whole of Project 365 Photography 2021 on my Instagram feed.

Photographs From The First 30 Days Of Project 365:

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