Date Your Artist Within

Amidst social distancing, it might be overwhelming to deal with the lack of routine in life. We, humans, are social animals and this sudden change in our structured lives can be nerve-wracking – stepping away from fellow human beings. However, this time period can be excellent for self-discovery and extending compassion towards self. 

Julia Cameron is an American artist, best known for her book THE ARTIST’S WAY. This is a twelve-week journaling program, a spiritual journey towards self-discovery. In this book, she introduces the idea of an Artist’s Date. 

What is that? It is basically a commitment towards yourself to spend some time every week all alone to get in touch with your creative self and nurture it. It is an attempt to pamper the inner artist that lies in the core of all of us. 

How do we do that? We are used to living under the strict supervision of our well-planned lives. In this process, we tend to lose touch with the more playful side of our personality, the truly creative one. Here is a list of several things we can begin with :

1. Cook a meal or bake a cake.
2. Spend time outdoors journaling, crafting, or making a sketchbook.
3. Bring out your old music CDs and play them on repeat. 
4. Reorganize your room and create an artist’s workspace.
5. Watch an Oscar-nominated movie.
6. Read a Man Booker Prize-winning novel.
7. Start a blog, if you don’t have any.
8. Paint with watercolor.
9. Flip through an old magazine and tear out photos to make your own inspirational collage.
10. Plant something. Maybe start your own herb garden.
11. Re-read your favorite book.
12. Write a long-handled letter to an old friend. Once the lockdown gets over, plan to meet him/her, and hand over the letter.
13. Go cloud watching.
14. Try an all-day doodling marathon. Post your works on social media.
15. Ask a friend to share his/her favorite playlist. Expose yourself to new music.
16. Take a self-portrait every day for a week.
17. Create a Pinterest account and pin pictures that motivate you to recreate them.
18. Read an old journal.
19. Make a funny “bucket list” for the next three years of your life.
20.Create a colorful mandala.
How do these help? These exercises will help you feel grounded in this time of a global pandemic and boost your confidence as you gradually make progress. These will help you listen to what your inner artist child has to say by creating a unique mode of expression.

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