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Barbara Crane – Some Of My Beliefs About Photography And Teaching

THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S PLAYBOOK is one of the books I had been reading during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the book, Barbara Crane, a pioneering internationally renowned art photographer and influential educator writes:

  • I believe that the best you can do, as a teacher, is to support the student’s efforts even though you may not like the student’s imagery. They need to know that someone believes in them and respects them for what they do and that their efforts in some way are of great worth.
  • I also believe that a “mistake” picture is a usable entity to be pursued.
  • The way I see photography is, “It’s all about light.” Be conscious of the quality of light at all times.
  • From my experience, no matter what kind of camera you use – analog or digital – contact prints and proof sheets are essential to improving your vision for the next picture-taking session.
Proof Sheet.
  • It’s also all about practice. I used to tell students, “If you’re a tennis player, how many hundreds of thousands of times do you have to practice your tennis serve?”
  • Finally, self discipline of the mind is of the essence.