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What To Show | Show Your Work

SHOW YOUR WORK by Austin Kleon is one of the books that I am reading right now. I am presently using it as a guide to building this blog.

Here is a list of things to show:

  • Work in progress
  • Pictures of studio
  • Influences and inspirations
  • Tools used
  • Research and reference
  • Drawings and sketches
  • Photos, videos, and audios
  • Plans
  • Interviews
  • Pinboards
  • Collections
  • Journals and Scrapbook
  • Notes and drafts
  • Prototype
  • Demos
  • Diagram
  • Stories
  • Favorite novels, record, movies, music
  • Memories of places you have been to
  • People you met
  • Experiences you accumulated
  • Your subscriptions
  • Sites you visit on the Internet
  • Art that inspires you
  • Heros or mentors
  • Practitioners from your field whom you look up to

Here is how to show these things:

  • Take pictures of your work at different stages in your process
  • Shoot videos of you working
  • White blogs about your process
  • When you show the final product of your project, also show any scraps that resulted from it. Write about what you learned.
  • Share your reading list.
  • Share helpful resource materials.

DAY 20/30

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