30 Days Challenge, Miscellaneous

This Is How I Take Notes Of My Thoughts.

Yesterday I wrote a blog article What To Show | Show Your Work where I made a list of the things that I am planning to share on this blog.

Taking the first step, today I decided to share how I take notes.

A few weeks back, I drew my first comic: This Is My Head – A Mess! where I said how elusive ideas are! Aren’t they? Notebooks can save up to some extent, but not totally. Especially not when I am comfortable under my blanket past 2 am in the darkness of my room. There is a very low probability that I will get up from my bed, take out my notebook, and write the ideas down. So I mainly record them on my Whatsapp.

I have a group with me as the sole member, and I dump every random idea in there. It consists of texts, PDFs, links to websites, and YouTube videos. Often times I refer to my Whatsapp only and start drafting the ideas without noting them down on a notebook. Sometimes I do copy them down in a journal. And, so many times, I fail to make sense of what I wrote down at a later date.

DAY 21/30

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