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This Is How I Learnt Photography

I was just having a conversation with one of my seniors from college. He has just started exploring his interest in photography and was showing me a few pictures he clicked with the camera in his mobile phone. Then he said, he will learn photography from me once he buys his camera,

To this I replied, “I don’t know much about the technical stuff either. Whatever I have learnt is through trial and error method. I find strategically learning the technical stuff very boring.”

And that’s very true. I never moved strategically from level zero to some advanced level. I browse through a lot of photographs daily – Instagram serves as the platform where I go and see what other established photographers are doing. And, more often than not, I see photographs that are breath-taking. Photographs with the lens-flare, use of slow shutter speed, a certain use of light and shadow, double-exposure – anything. I get so curious, I try to decode and learn how to take photographs like that – bokeh, silhouette, or anything as such. I learn the technique and then use it whenever I get an opportunity.

Eventually the techniques have piled up and given me the freedom to use them together or separately and create something of my own.

Perhaps there are gaps in concept that I must cover up – I will probably go through the basics again soon

DAY 17/30

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