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Starting A New Challenge – Zen Camera | David Ulrich

Today is the last day of the 30-Days-Challenge. I was writing one blog-post every day in the month of November 2020. However, I am not very satisfied with how it turned out.

Firstly, I am glad that I got into the habit of publishing blog articles regularly without over-thinking the whole process. It gave me the strength of freeing myself from all the doubtful thoughts and click the ‘Publish’ button at the end of each day.

However, looking back, I see a bunch of useless blog-articles that proves value neither to me nor to you, the readers. The mistake that I made was that I didn’t set up constraints before doing the challenge. I didn’t stick to some specific topic, neither did I stick to a specific format.

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Whether or not you are an Austin-Kleon-fan like me, I insist you read his book SHOW YOUR WORK. There is a chapter named: CHAIN SMOKE, where Austin writes:

“…As every author knows, your last book isn’t going to write your next one for you. A successful or failed project is no guarantee of another success or failure. Whether you have just just won big or lost big, you still have to face the question “What’s next?”

If you look to artists who’ve managed to achieve lifelong careers, you detect the same pattern: They all have been able to persevere, regardless of success or failure…

…Instead of taking a break in between projects, waiting for feedback, and worrying about what’s next, use the end of one project to light up the next one. Just do the work that’s in front of you, and when it’s finished ask yourself what you missed, what you could’ve done better, or what you couldn’t get to, and jump right into the next project.”

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Well, that’s exactly what I am going to do. Zen Camera by David Ulrich is one of the books I am reading right now. In this book, David aims to compile the teachings of Zen with the practice of photography. This book has somewhere around 30 assignments that are to be done in the course of a semester (12-15 weeks) in the order that they are given in the book.

However, I am going to tweak the time period according to my convenience. I am going to devote somewhere between 1 to 3 weeks for each assignment (depending on the complexity of the assignment) but I will do them in the exact order that they are written in the book.

At the end of each assignment, I will write a blog article here sharing the details of the assignments – the constraints, my personal experience, and the photographs I took within the assignment. This whole challenge will take me somewhere around 45 weeks. That means I will be doing this challenge for the most part of 2021 (starting from December 2020).

If you are interested in doing the whole challenge, or any specific assignment, you can write to me here. You can also drop me a message on Instagram. You can even drop a comment below introducing yourself and your intentions about this challenge.

DAY 30/30

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