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Something I Didn’t Know My Camera Could Do | Image Overlay In RAW Format

“Always shoot in RAW” is a bit of common advice on the Internet. I have no clue how many of you actually follow this advice, at least I did not. Not till yesterday,

I was fidgeting with my camera and taking pictures carelessly, and I was going through the menu in my Nikon D3300, I noticed an option called IMAGE OVERLAY and as I clicked on it, I found out that the images need to be in RAW format. So I shot a few images in RAW format and started exploring what it is all about.

The results were impressive (at least to me). I used to be so curious to see double exposure photographs, and while searching for how to do it I came to know that it is not an in-built feature in Nikon D3300, and so I left my quest. I did not even try doing a double-exposed photograph during post-processing as well.

Here are the two sets of images I was experimenting with last night:

DAY 14/30

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