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Something Else That I Found Interesting Recently.

Excerpt from Rob Walker’s Book: The Art Of Noticing

GEORGE NELSON’S best image collection may have been a set of numbers that he turned into a slide show. “Finding numbers in the urban landscape is very easy, and looking for them is a good eye-sharpening exercise,” he wrote. His slide show started with a picture of the number 100 and counted down to 0. (It took him months to collect all the images.)
While traveling by foot, bike, or car, start “counting” and see how far you can get.
“The hunt was more satisfying and the reward was a new awareness of something previously invisible,” Nelson observed. “The game, of course, is to find unexpected shapes, sizes, and contexts.”

Look for a 1, then a 2, then a 3, and keep going; stop at the end of your current journey or carry it over to the next one and the next one, for a week, a month, a year…or the rest of your life.

Since I am still quarantined in my home, I though of recreating this project inside my own house ( though I have no clue whether or not it will be possible for me to complete it inside the four walls of my house).

I set three additional constraints to make it more creative:

  1. I can’t take pictures of calendars of any form.
  2. I can’t take pictures of clocks on my laptop or mobile phone.
  3. There cannot be two/more numbers in the same image.

It’s hard, and I regret setting these constraints. But, I will roll with them since it’s already done.


DAY 03/30

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