30 Days Challenge, Photography

Photography As Meditation.

I visited the main city of Kolkata today after more than 7 months. And it was exhilarating to visit the streets again. I hadn’t been practicing photography at all for the last several months. I set up this blog, I drew more than 100 illustrations, I read books, I curated photos from my archive, I completed a few courses.

I did everything except for taking actual photos.

So today I pushed myself and clicked a bunch! And then at the end of the day, too exhausted, I sat down at Rabindra Sarobar Lake, and held my camera to my eye, and kept clicking picture every person who passed in front of me.

The practice was relaxing, as well as meditative. I was not chasing any frame. I just let every person enter my frame, I took a photo while they were inside my frame, and waited for the next person to appear after the previous one left.

DAY 06/100

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