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Photo-books In My Bucket List.

Almost everyone believes that buying the next best gear in the market will make them a better photographer. The next best camera. the next best lens. However, whoever has participated in the mad race knows that it is not the case.

Gear is important, but up to a certain point. You need to have gear that is suitable for the purpose it is intended for, it should be of the convenient size and weight. However, having the most advance and expensive gear won’t necessarily level up your photography. You won’t magically start noticing visually strong compositions the moment you buy a better camera.

I am an avid book-reader. (Here is the list of the books that I have read or intend to read.) And photography helps me broaden my perspective about photography. It helps me get into the heads of master photographers, and learn how they actually think while photographing. Books are a better investment than expensive gear.

List Of Photo-books In My Bucket List:

Understanding Color in Photography: Using Color, Composition, and Exposure to Create Vivid Photos

From Amazon:

Veteran photographer and instructor Bryan Peterson is best known for his arresting imagery using bold, graphic color and composition. Here he explores his signature use of color in photography for the first time, showing readers his process for creating striking images that pop off the page. He addresses how to shoot in any type of light and looks at color families and how they can work together to make compelling images in commercial and art photography. He also helps readers understand exposure, flash, and other stumbling blocks that beginning and experienced photographers encounter when capturing images, showing how to get the most out of any composition. with its down-to-earth voice and casual teaching style, Understanding Color in Photography is a workshop in a book, helping any photographer take their images to the next level.

Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

From Amazon:

Understanding Exposure has taught generations of photographers how to shoot the images they want by demystifying the complex concepts of exposure in photography. In this newly updated edition, veteran photographer Bryan Peterson explains the fundamentals of light, aperture, and shutter speed and how they interact with and influence one another. With an emphasis on finding the right exposure even in tricky situations, Understanding Exposure shows you how to get (or lose) sharpness and contrast in images, freeze action, and take the best meter readings, while also exploring filters, flash, and light.

The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photographs

From Amazon:

Design is the single most important factor in creating a successful photograph. The ability to see the potential for a strong picture and then organize the graphic elements into an effective, compelling composition has always been one of the key skills in making photographs.

Of course, digital photography has brought a new, exciting aspect to design first because the instant feedback from a digital camera allows immediate appraisal and improvement; and second, because image-editing tools make it possible to alter and enhance the design after the shutter has been pressed. This has had a profound effect on the way digital photographers take pictures.

The Photographers Eye shows how anyone can develop an eye for seeing great digital photos. The book explores all the traditional approaches to composition and design, but crucially, it also addresses the new digital technique of shooting in the knowledge that a picture will later be edited, manipulated, or montaged to result in a final image that may be very different from the one seen in the viewfinder.

Believing Is Seeing: Observations on the Mysteries of Photography

From Amazon:

In his inimitable style, Errol Morris untangles the mysteries behind an eclectic range of documentary photographs. With his keen sense of irony, skepticism, and humor, Morris shows how photographs can obscure as much as they reveal, and how what we see is often determined by our beliefs. Each essay in this book is a part detective story, part philosophical meditation, presenting readers with a conundrum, and investigates the relationship between photographs and the real world they supposedly record. Believing Is Seeing is a highly original exploration of photography and perception, from one of America’s most provocative observers.

Fifty Paths to Creative Photography: Style & Technique (The Photographer’s Eye)

From Amazon:

The eagerly awaited follow up to global bestseller The Photographer’s Eye will show you the paths the greatest photographers took to excellence so you too can take stand-out thrilling photographs.

In Freeman’s own words: “There’s a long line of opinion, from Plato through Kant, that holds creativity to be unteachable, and to be the province of genius. You have it or you don’t. End of story. I don’t agree”

By looking at the work of other great photographers, as well as Freeman’s own work, the book provides the reader with 50 “paths” they can explore to think about taking photos, looking at subjects from cliché to zen, so you will be able to hit the right point in surprise, originality, insight, and execution every time.

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