30 Days Challenge, Illustration

An Attempt For Consistency.

Yesterday I posted on Instagram that it’s so hard to be consistent in art, social media, and literally anything in life. Later on, I converted the post into a blog article.

The Steal Like An Artist Journal got delivered today through the mail just in time. It’s time that I get serious about the work that I am doing. And that requires me to stay consistent. When I started this blog, I was 3 months ahead of schedule – I had planned what I am going to post and when. But the strategy failed miserably. I launched this website with 20 articles under my belt but by the time I published them and received feedback from people, I had already disconnected from the work. It started feeling less like a work of art, and more like working mechanically in a factory.

So, everyday in the month of November, I am going to publish a blog article (fingers-crossed).

Today morning, I made two more pieces for my 100-yellow-faces illustration series.

100 yellow faces project

DAY 01/30

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I will not break the chain. After 30 days, I get a Cadbury Silk Oreo!