30 Days Challenge, Miscellaneous

12 Things I Learned During Quarantine.

My journal entry from 13 May, 2020:

  • Slowing down is the key to maintaining progress – deliberately take breaks to slow down at different points of the year.
  • Several of our BIG life problems go away just by taking care of your physical body (even if the ego says that the problems are much much bigger than some nutritional deficiencies or irregular sleep routine).
  • Do your best, surrender, and have faith – (sometimes) what you want the most attractive is the worst for you.
  • Cry. cry as often as you check your Instagram feed. Flush out the grief. After that, you will naturally become cheerful, you don’t need to “do something extra” to throw yourself into a good mood.
  • Survivor guilt is a real thing.
  • Watch more comedy shows and funny web series (just for the sake of it).
  • Are you hungry? Or just bored or sleepy? Start paying attention.
  • Journal right after you brush your teeth. EVERYDAY.
  • Stop being so stingy with yourself. Buy yourself that new art supply. You deserve it.
  • Think as BIG and CRAZY as you can. Take control of your life. DO NOT seek permission to do so from people who spend their whole lives thinking SMALL. You don’t need their validation.
  • Take care of yourself and set boundaries for the sake of having a harmonious relationship with other people.
  • Social media clogs your brain. DUMP IT.

DAY 15/30

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