Illustration, Personal Project

This is my head – A Mess!

Ideas are elusive, more than what is tolerable. I will stand in the shower and one of them will decide to visit me. I will be pushing through the crowd on the train, and one of them will scream, “See me, I am here!” I have tried carrying a notebook everywhere with me. It helped a little, but not entirely. Sometimes I feel even more guilty. I had a notebook, yet the idea is lost.

Today morning I was running as I came out of the shower. I had three ideas! I was repeating them compulsively in my head. I could not lose them. I just could not! I grabbed a pen and scribbled them in a notebook. ( Maybe I will start keeping a notebook in a shelf in the bathroom. No judgements. ) This comic was on of them.

This is my head – A Mess!
Several ideas remain hidden in here!
Some ideas get lost in the mess – Forever!
Some manage to squeeze out in the fresh air.
Just like a fungal spore. ( Or a red blood cell? )
And they are mostly messy too as they grow outside – Just like this comic!