Consume Less, Create More.

In the consumer culture that we live in today, we are constantly fed with the idea that buying more stuff, getting more subscription, reading more articles will magically transform our lives for the better. As our social media is bombarded with advertisements, we are made more and more aware of what we are lacking and how that void is stopping us from living a fulfilled life. With free downloadable, free certified courses and a bunch of new free webinars popping up every week, FOMO has never been more prevalent. We are made to chase for more. Consume more. Pay more.

These are futile attempts to boost self-worth. The truth is our brains are addicted to the rush of dopamine. We think buying something activates our reward center and dopamine is released. That’s not true. Dopamine is released in abundance during the anticipation of shopping. That is why you get bored with the new item almost as soon as you buy it.

Now that we know spending a lot of cash won’t sustain the activation of our reward system, what will? Creativity. Is the word too daunting? “I am very analytical; creativity does not come naturally to me – I only stand at a distance and appreciate all the born creatives.” Well, creativity is learnable. Also, you are creative, every human being is.

The void that you are experiencing is creative one. As you consume too much information, you are weighed down not only mentally or emotionally, but also physically. The more attention you pay to the personal lives of strangers projected on the screen of your devices, the bigger the void becomes. Creating new things is a natural drive. The consumerism mindset causes us to dissociate – we are not present inside our bodies. We get disconnected from our emotions. The more time we spend creating, the less time we have to consume.

The simple act of cooking a meal, doodling a face, taking a picture, growing a plant, writing an essay every day can fill the void faster than you can imagine. Every morning, as you work through your planner, include one activity that sparks your creativity in the easiest way possible.