The person who invented the ship, also invented the shipwreck.

Seth Godin writes in his blog, A COMMITMENT TO POSSIBILITY: “The person who invented the ship also invented the shipwreck.”

You are delusional if you want your project to execute without any negative consequences. It’s good to better yourself, but aiming for perfection is a fool’s venture.

I am a big fan of the internet. I can connect with a guy in Italy in just 5 seconds, and understand a truly difficult concept with the help of an animated video on YouTube. When you continuously expose yourself to the greatest minds on the planet, at the cheapest rate possible in the whole of human history, you are exposed to infinite number of possibilities. You can get every bit of education at almost free of cost. It has never been cheaper to start a business.

However, when the number of possibilities sky-rocketed, so did the chances of failure. When online money transfer was introduced, the possibility of your bank account being hacked by a high-school student in some other country was introduced at the same moment.  Your plans can always go south. That’s a risk you sign up for when you start a project.

“But today’s as good a day as any to commit to possibility.” – Godin.